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  • This 43-page eBook for Akamai describes how organizations can deliver enterprise applications over the Internet that operate with high availability, excellent performance, and strong security.
  • This 44-page eBook for Akamai covers how to protect a data center perimeter that no longer exists.
  • This 11-page eBook for Verint talks about how bank branches can share employees to become more flexible.
  • This 7-page eBook for Fonteva gives 8-steps for creating a rock-solid social-media strategy for associations.
White Papers
  • This 10-page paper for SAS describes how to take advantage of analytics for mobile marketing.
  • This 9-page paper for SAS recommends how higher education can create a culture of analytics.
  • This 8-page white paper for Samanage describes 5 unexpected considerations for selecting an ITSM solution.
  • This 5-page white paper for SunGard describes how to secure operations in the cloud.
  • This 12-page white paper for SunGard provides 5 strategies for selling disaster recovery to management.
  • This 9-page thought-leadership white paper for Kronos describes how labor management and lean methodologies can help distributors deliver “the perfect order.”
  • This 12-page thought-leadership white paper for Unisys talks about how to achieve true value from IT Service Management.
  • This 10-page educational white paper for Epicor describes how to choose the right ERP to support a global business.
  • This 5-page educational white paper for Compuware discusses 5 best practices for selecting a cloud-services provider.
  • This 8-page vertical-market white paper for Akamai talks about how their content-delivery network serves the healthcare industry.
  • This 8-page vertical-market white paper for SunGard’s Wealth & Retirement Administration Business Unit details six steps for building successful mobile financial services applications.
  • This 12-page partner white paper describes a collaboration between Citrix, Microsoft, and HP that delivers virtualization, automation, and next-generation storage management to improve business continuity.
  • This 6-page solution white paper for Deltek describes a cloud solution for government contractors.
  • This 6-page buyers’ guide for LogMeIn details how to select the right remote support tools.
  • This 9-page ROI white paper for Quantum describes the ROI of tape consolidation.
  • This 4-page product-optimization white paper for PTC gives tips and tricks for using their Creo product.
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  • Monthly customer magazine for FormScape’s customer retention and upselling efforts. [customerpublication_formscape?]
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