Creating Credible Content that Engages Buyers and Drives Results for Technology Marketers

Do you struggle to produce a steady stream of high-quality content that moves customers effectively through the buying process?

Cheryl Goldberg, principal of Goldberg Communications, develops engaging and credible content for technology companies. Her copy drives brand awareness, demonstrates thought leadership, educates customers, generates and nurtures leads, sells products and services, and helps retain and upsell customers.

By outsourcing time-consuming content creation to Cheryl, you’ll benefit from:

  • A journalistic approach that eliminates hype and creates highly credible copy that engages buyers.
  • Marketing know-how that clearly demonstrates the value of your solution and drives customers to take action.
  • Content that speaks to the unique concerns of multiple decision makers and influencers at the appropriate stage of the buying process.
  • The ability to produce more content more quickly.

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“Through my career, writing has been a major part of my responsibility. Cheryl Goldberg is the first writer I have ever worked with that I felt so confident in. She can take very complex subjects and truly improve them. Many writers seem to just not understand the topics, so while they may be grammatical experts, they destroy the message. Cheryl, by sharp contrast, is not only a grammatical and punctuation expert, she is also very tuned into technical content. She researches, organizes, clarifies, and adds to greatly improve readability and comprehension. In my experience, that is a unique skill. Cheryl is a treasure in the technical-writing world. I only hesitate to write this recommendation for fear it will make her too busy! Seriously, she has never missed a deadline. When it comes to technical writing, there’s no one better. She has my strongest endorsement.”